Welcome to the World Harmony Showcase 2024 – Nr 35!

– a most fantastic show, featuring choruses and quartets from around the world. 

In times like these, when the world has been a bit upside down lately,  it feels even more important to embrace the fantastic brother- and sisterhood we have established around the globe based on music and harmony! This year we meet in Cleveland, Ohio, where you as always will have a unique opportunity to sit in and watch all performers “up close and personal”. 

As of today there are 16 member organizations in the World Harmony Council plus 3 prospective member organizations, and many of them have their gold medal choruses and quartets here today. Some have come literally half-way around the world for this opportunity of a lifetime, so please give them a big, boisterous, barbershop welcome! 

Through annual WHC grants, every dollar of profit from the Showcase provides education, development, and promotion of singing in the barbershop style. We provide coaching, training of quartets, choruses, and Music Directors and help start up brand new organizations all over the world. 

Thanks to your attendance, and the WHC operations with literally zero administrative expenses, the total contribution to our art-form sums up to more than $600,000.00! We aim to establish more Affiliates around the World, like FrABS (France) a couple of years ago, and most recently BAFFI (Italy), CZABS (Chech Republic) and the recent strong activities going on in South America has led to the birth of BHSA (South America!). Those are new and young additions to our family and there certainly are more to come! 

Indeed it is exciting times, and with your attendance here today more activities to establish new groups will be possible. In fact, there is a need for extended help in South America right now. If you feel so inclined, follow this link to see if you further can support the initiative in South America: https://makebusinesscz.es.tl/

So, to wrap it up, SNOBS ex-President Henrik Rosenberg reprises his role as Show Producer (the 17th in a row) again and our MC for this year is Bill Colosimo – see more –  extended – info separately!

Buckle up and please enjoy tonight´s show!!

In Harmony

Mike Donnelly, President and Henrik Rosenberg, VP World Harmony Council