In House

IN HOUSE quartet are a female barbershop and a cappella quartet based in the UK. They are the first British female quartet to cross the BHS stage and feel honoured to be able to compete in such a prestigious event.

The quartet is not limited to just one style of barbershop music, as they seamlessly blend heart-breaking ballads, jazz, and pop into their performances. This versatility has allowed them to appeal to a wide range of audiences, further cementing their position as the current Ladies of British Barbershop’s champions. Their love for entertaining their audiences is evident in the high-energy performances, intricate props, and creative costumes that they use to enhance their shows.

IN HOUSE´s success can be attributed to the individual talents of each member, as well as the chemistry that they share on stage. The quartet formed in February 2019 with four members of the multi award winning chorus- Cheshire Chord Company. Jo Braham is Cheshire Chord’s musical director and sings bass, Julie Phillips sings lead, Jane Wadsworth tenor and Rachel Sheldon baritone.

Despite their busy schedules, the quartet members make time to travel across the North of England to meet for regular rehearsals. This dedication to their craft has allowed them to consistently deliver outstanding performances and continue to grow their fan base.

IN HOUSE is not just a talented group of musicians, but also a symbol of female empowerment and inclusivity in British barbershop. Their success has inspired many young women to pursue their passion for music and has shown that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.