Limelight is composed of Peter, Danny, Luke and Connor. They met in 2019 and quickly rose through the BABS contest ranks, finishing 7th at QuartetCon 2019, then 2nd at QuartetCon 2021. In 2022 they became national champions in their first appearance at a BABS convention.

Peter Bryant (Tenor) has been around barbershop since the age of 12, when he joined Hallmark of Harmony. He is one of the most prolific quartet singers in BABS; Limelight is his 10th competitive quartet. He currently sings with Spirit of Harmony, directs Main Street Sound ladies chorus in York, and serves on the BABS Board of Trustees as Director of Membership.
Danny Gortler (Lead) found barbershop in college and first discovered BABS when he competed at a prelims event with his college quartet. He and Luke have been inseparable since meeting and forming their first quartet together, studying music at the University of Liverpool. He´s a full-time professional musician and choir director, and leads Rock Choirs in and around his home town of Woking as well fronting numerous function bands.
Connor Cobb (Bass) has been a fan of barbershop since school but has only recently become part of the British barbershop community, winning with Limelight on his first full contest cycle. He also has a wealth of singing experience outside barbershop, and knows Luke through the choir at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral in which they both sing. During the day Connor teaches Geography at a secondary school in Liverpool.
Luke Freeney (Baritone) is also a full-time musician, directing a number of Rock Choirs around Liverpool. He and Danny have sung in numerous quartets together, and Luke has sung in chorus with Hallmark of Harmony. Luke is largely responsible for bringing together the 4 members of Limelight, having met Peter and Hallmark, Danny at university, and Connor at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.