Meantime Chorus

Meantime Chorus is a London-based Choir founded in a chilly Greenwich pub garden in November 2015 by a small group of friends who met at Bristol university through their shared love of barbershop singing. Their aim was to keep doing the hobby they loved whilst branching out to other styles and seeing how far they could push their skills. Since then the group has grown from strength to strength and their dedication to first-rate singing has allowed them to delight audiences across the country. The Chorus is passionate about Vocal Pedagogy and sharing the joy of singing with others, as such Meantime regularly performs a range of outreach activities, both performative and educational. Our ethos centres around understanding the voice and vocal production, and equipping members with the tools to analyse and improve their own singing. We’re always delighted to have visitors to our rehearsals, where you can hear more about our approach, join in with the singing, and maybe even become a member!

Meantime Chorus were delighted to win the BABS 2022 National Male-voice Chorus Competition, and are looking forward to competing further both nationally and internationally. This will be many members first time even attending an International competition, let alone competing in one, and we are beyond excited to show you what we’ve been working on.